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Precheur; alter. 1899.

Edited, 22/05/17

More than a short blog post is necessary to describe historical root of the imposing omnipresence of Catholic church in Martinique. Here I give the main points and I hope not to neglect any important one. The reason for this post is that I am always surprised to see how full churches are in Martinique, with people from all ages, from all social class and all ethnic categories. Some town are nowadays only animated by the church activity.

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The more I look at the archive pictures the more I am struck by the natural elegance of women in Martinique, leading me to the idea that the mix of Caribbean, African, European and Indian brought the best of fashion in the Caribbean. The way the dresses hang, the perfect starching of the fabric, show that woman didn’t go out in the street before thinking carefully what they wanted to look like and what they wanted people to think of them. And most of the time the wanted to look well dressed and sophisticated, forgetting the harshness of the everyday life of the post slavery society.

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Lorsque l’on pense Paul Émile Victor,  on imagine généralement des doudounes et parkas, des territoires polaires blancs à températures franchement négatives, des pingouins et des ours polaires. Cependant, l’explorateur réalisa une mission anthropologique en Martinique en  1941, bien loin des déserts glacés.

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